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Real Mink Eyelashes- Sometimes that is what your clients want... so, since the customer is always right, we offer some of the most trusted Real Mink Eyelashes in the world!

Things you should know about Real Mink Eyelashes:

1) Real Mink eyelashes are exactly that- Real! So, with that comes certain characteristics every stylist should be aware of not only for themselves, but their clients also.

2) May cause allergic reactions to some! Just like some people are allergic to cat and horse hair, Mink hair may cause problems for the more sensitive client. Make sure you are confident that your client does not have any of those allergies BEFORE application, and also warn them ahead of time that this could happen. We find you have a happier client even if things don't turn out as planned if you gave a heads up!

3) May not bond as well as Synthetic Lashes! Real hairs bonding to real hairs seem to not hold quite as well as real hairs bonding to Synthetic lashes do. Depending on the way the individual client wears their lashes, (much like synthetic lashes) some may have them last longer than others. Again, we feel that it is a best practice to let your client know ahead of time that this may be possible.

And, as far as the main points on real mink lashes go- that is about it! Please enjoy using these premium lashes!

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